Holistic Wellbeing and Healing

I propose a modern and unique holistic approach to improve overall wellbeing and healing. My approach with counselling services and yoga focus on empowering mind and body to build resilience and maintain health – which, thanks to your effort, will lead to a happy state of wellbeing. With regular practice of this approach, you will experience profound enthusiasm, happiness and even bliss. I believe that there is a natural healer within each individual person. In my approach I do not use medicines. Also, my therapies are non-invasive. I am convinced that curing of ailments is aided through natural elements and that healing is holistic; integrating the mental, physical, social and spiritual planes of well-being.

Improve Your Life

Stress, toxic relationships, poor eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle and too little time for mindfulness can all inhibit the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Strengthening and facilitating the body’s self-healing can help patients become less reliant on stimulants and medications.

Our Services

  • General Wellbeing Advise : Coaching and guidance for you to eat the right food, exercise and be motivated to enjoy regular practice for body and mind. The programme will help each individual to reclaim their inner confidence and live the life they deserve and find their path in life.
  • Yoga Asana Practice Sequence : Guidance to regroup physical, mental and spiritual practices through yoga. The Yoga Asana Sequence practice culminates in attaining detachment from distractions leading to a state of consciousness free from active thought where you are aware of your own inner nature.The practice also helps deal with challenges like obesity, high blood pressure, back problems or depression.
  • Cleansing Detox And Nutrition Advise : Cleansing and detoxing are core principles of holistic health and wellbeing. Detox is a process in which a person makes lifestyle changes to clear their body of toxins. The detox can help with allergies and asthma, weight problems and many other conditions.
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Strengthening and facilitating the body’s ability to self-heal can help you become less reliant on stimulants and medications. I use an integrative holistic approach which brings about cure in its true sense: the kind of healing where your physical body, mind and emotional body are repaired and rejuvenated. To summarise, I treat the root cause of your ailment and not merely the symptoms that manifest as diseases.